2016 West Coast Rumble

West Coast Rumble X was held conjunction with BottosCon for the 9th time and for the 4th and final year at the Sheraton Hotel in Vancouver (Surrey), British Columbia. A word on BottosCon; the brainchild of Rob Bottos (a local wargame enthusiast), who has done yeoman service putting on and running the convention from its humble begins with 30 or so participants, to this year, which saw slight increase in attendance with 120 attendees from the metro-Vancouver area, nearby Vancouver Island, across the border from the US Pacific Northwest, and as far east as Montreal, Quebec.

The 2016 West Coast Rumble saw defending champion Darren Kovacs and 10 challengers for the title, gathered for the weekend to do combat on the cardboard battlefield. Once again the Slunt brothers (Steve and Bill) made the trip from Cowtown (a.k.a. Calgary), but as well as came another duo Michael Doresh and Colin Emerson. There was a strong turn out from Washington State as David Wolfe managed to wrangle Rich Jenulis, and Steve Nicewarner up across the border. Another strong showing from Vancouver Island and the Lower mainland to rounded out the field.

A word on the this year’s sponsors included: Lone Canuck, Le Franc Tireur, Battle School, Gamers’ Armory, Bounding Fire, Dispatches from the Bunker, and Noble Knight Games, whose generous donations of prizes and gift certificates are much appreciated – it is on account of their generosity that the players received more than just a plaque – thank you.

Awards & Prizes

Champion: Darren Kovacs (L)

Second Place: Jim Rudek (L)

Third Place: Dave Howarth

Panzer Ace: Rich Jenulis with 9 AFV Destroyed

Panzer Aces: Rich Jenulis receiving keep plaque

Rich Jenulis, hoisting the Panzer Aces Trophy

Most Snake-Eyes & Boxcars: Darren Kovacs with 14 & 13

Best Rate of Fire: Dave Howarth with 16 points from a US MMG (ROF 2)

Door Prize Winner: Steve Nicewarner

The tournament winner was Darren Kovacs who received a plaque, $25 Gift Certificate from Gamers Armory, and YASL ASL Pack; Runner up was Jim Rudek received a plaque, $25 Gift Certificate from Bounding Fire, Le Franc Tireur's Rat Pack 2 and the latest issue of Dispatch From the Bunker; and in 3rd Place was Dave Howarth who received a plaque, $25 Gift Certificate from Noble Knight Games, and ASL Delux Pack from Le Franc Tireur's. Rich as Panzer Aces received a plaque, the Scenario Designer's Handbook from Tactical Games.

The final (Swiss Style) tournament standings were:

Place Player Points
1. Darren Kovacs 49
2. Jim Rudek 35
3. Dave Howarth 34
4. David Wolfe 22
5. Steve Slunt 22
6. Rich Jenulis 20
7. Steve Nicewarner 11
8. Colin Emerson 10
9. Bill Slunt 10
10. Michael Doresh 0


The final attendance was 10, down one from last year but about average but due some untimely disasters as home which prevents 2 players from participating; and once again a participant (who shan't be name) was at the convention, but elected to play another game over the weekend – heretic.  

A notice board was put up for the Canadian ASL Open (CASLO) to find out if there was an appetite for the West Coast to host it in 2017, in either Vancouver or Victoria BC - and Victoria was selected to host the 2017 CASLO.

A final word, I want to thank the sponsor for donations of prizes and gift certificates, Rob Bottros for inviting the West Coast Rumble to be a part of the BottosCon Game Convention; but most of all, I want to thank the players who traveled to the tournament and participated – it is all worth the effort of organizing it and running it – so thank you all.



George Kelln 

Tournament Director 

West Coast Rumble