November 3, 4, & 5  



The West Coast Rumble will be a 4-Round "Swiss Style" Tournament, in which players will play an opponent who has a Win/Loss record the same as them in each round.



The initial round of the tournament, the players are seeded as follows:

  • The players are put on a list with the player with the highest ASL Rating on top of the list and the player with the lowest ASL Rating at the bottom

  • The order of players with equal rating is determined randomly

  • The list is split in two (cut in the middle) and the player on top of one list is paired with the player on top of the other, #2 with #2 on the other list, and so on

Tournament Pairings

1st seed

9th seed

2nd seed

10th seed

3rd seed

11th seed

4th seed

12th seed

5th seed

13th seed

6th seed

14th seed

7th seed

15th seed

8th seed

16th seed



In the case where a round has an odd number of players, the lowest seeded player in the lowest Win/Loss group in the round will receive a Bye. A player may receive only 1 Bye in the tournament.
After the first round, players are paired based on their Win/Loss record

The winner of the Tournament will be the player with the highest point total at the end of the tournament. Points are awarded as follows:

  • 10 points for every win that player has at the end of the tournament. In cases where your opponent Forfeits a match or a player receives a Bye in a round, that round always counts as a win for that player

  • 1 Bonus point for every win that player's defeated opponents have at the end of the tournament

  • The point total of all the tied players opponents will be compared to determine final ranking


The Final Rankings are based on the player's point totals in the tournament. Any ties in the Final Ranking will be broken as follows:

  • Head to head play. Did you defeat that player in the tournament?

  • The point total of the tied players defeated opponents will be compared to determine final ranking

  • The point total of all the tied players opponents will be compared to determine final ranking

Choosing Which Scenario to Play

There are two ways of choosing a scenario; 

1) Players can agree on one of the five scenarios to play, or 

2) Players will use the following method; 

a.  Each player will secretly pick their top three selections and rank them in order of preference (1st, 2nd, & 3rd choice).

b. Each player will reveal their choices to their opponent to determine scenario matches (i.e. Scenarios that both players picked).

c. The Ranked Average (RA) of the matched scenarios is determined, with the scenario with the lowest RA to be played.

d. In case of a tie, both players will roll a DR. The lowest DR has the choice of the tied scenarios.

Example: Player A picks scenarios X1, X2, and X3 as his 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices, respectively. Player B picks X3, X4, and X2 as his choices, respectively. X4 and X1 are not considered since these scenarios do not match. X3 has the lower RA of 2 [(1+3)/2=2] as opposed to X2 with a RA of 2.5 [(2+3)/2=2.5]. X3 is the scenario to be played this round.

Choosing Which Side to Play

There are two ways of choosing a side; 

1) Players can agree on which side to play, or 

2) Players secretly select the choice of side, with the 3 possible outcomes;

  • A player may choose to not pick a side thus possibly negating any Play-Balance provisions.

  • Both players chose the same side, both players make a DR. The player with the lowest DR receives choice of side giving his opponent play-balance.

  • Both players decline a side, they roll as above, and the lower DR player chooses a side with no balance given.

Tournament Timings

The scenarios chosen for this event are small to medium in size. Set up time is limited to 30 minutes, with 15 minutes allotted per player. Every effort must be made to adhere to this time limit. Games that exceed the allotted time limit for that round due to a player(s) taking too long to set-up will be adjudicated accordingly.

Players who are not present in the gaming area at the start of the current round will forfeit their choice of scenario 10 minutes after that round has begun. The late player will forfeit the choice of side as well after 20 minutes, and will forfeit the game itself after 30 minutes.





Convention Opens


Round 2 Starts


Round 5 Starts


Opening Ceremonies


Round 2 Ends


Round 5 Ends


Round 1 Starts


Round 3 Starts


Closing Ceremonies


Round 1 Ends


Round 3 Ends


Convention Closes




Round 4 Starts






Round 4 Ends



ASL Starter Kit Mini-Tournament
If enough interest is warranted, this year's West Coast Rumble will accommodate a 3-Round ASLSK Tournament. 


Round 1 Starts


Round 1 Finishes


Round 2 Starts


Round 2 Finishes


Round 3 Starts


Round 3 Finishes

The scenarios for the ASLSK Tournament will be announced at the tournament, but will be primarily selected from the ASLSK #1-2-3 & Bonus Kit #1. 

Each round has an allotted period for the playing of the scenario with the following warning system to alert players.

Initial Time Warning

Players will be given this warning with 1 hour remaining in that round

Final Time Warning

Players will be given this warning with 20 minutes remaining in that round

Round Ends

Any games still in progress at the end of the allotted time frame must be decided

Games that run long will upset the tournament schedule, causing unnecessary delays, and will be adjudicated (See Rules).

Tournament Scenarios
Click on link below to check out the tournament's scenario lists.


Tournament Prizes

Thanks to donations from various businesses and sponsors, the West Coast Rumble is proud announce the following categories will receive prizes:

  • The Rumble's Winner, 2nd, and 3rd Place finishers,

  • ASLSK Winner

  • The Most Snake-Eyes, Most Boxcars, and Highest ROF,

  • The Good Sportsman Award; and 

  • The Pre-Registration Draw