The goal of LONE CANUCK PUBLISHING is to design well-balanced fun scenarios that players of all experience levels can enjoy. To that end we have established this procedure of playtesting. The intent of this is to eliminate errata and obtain AARs from as many diverse groups of players as possible. Multiple playing by the same players is not always that helpful and often leads to burn out. You are encouraged to play the scenarios in the following manner, then move to follow on playtest scenarios as they are offered.

To avoid confusion with final drafts, all LONE CANUCK PUBLISHING playtest scenarios have the letter X or "V / v" before the scenario number. Updates may be frequent if a particular scenario is modified. Please pay close attention to the date and version number to make sure the latest draft is being played.

Players should play a scenario once, send an AAR, switch sides and play the scenario again, then send the final AAR. It is important to send your initial AAR very soon after playing. Do not wait to complete both playings. Your AAR's are what determine changes to the scenario during the playtest. Your comments should be brief. Your comments do not need to list every position and event of a scenario. Just cover the important stuff. Players are encouraged to make notes as needed during play to make AAR preparation easier. Do not let writing a super-detailed AAR delay sending us a timely report. Very short comments are preferred. Just cover the most significant stuff and use the format below. We appreciate the fact that you may have a lot of comments to make but sorting through numerous lengthy AARs for one small detail is easier if we know were we SHOULD be able to find it. PLEASE use line #5 of the AAR format to tell us the result.

Please not if you use the regular IFT or IIFT. Read the scenarios carefully and play them as written. It is often easy to get carried away, making this process painful. Note the time and try to play the scenario objectively. Do not get hung up on winning or losing. I urge you to make these playtests friendly competitions (ex. Remind your opponent to make sure his forces enter on the indicated turn or to roll for radio contact). Have fun and concentrate on good play.

Always remember we are testing these scenarios. They are not perfect and there are going to be errors or problems. Otherwise we would not be testing them in the first place. You are encouraged to ask questions before playing a scenario if you notice fatal errors such as missing set up instructions or if you are unsure of the correct version number. Expect updates and changes to scenarios as we progress. We have a lot of scenarios to evaluate and finite amount of time so it is important to complete the scenarios and submit the AARs in a timely manner so testing does not bog down. Your comments are vital to this process. They are evaluated carefully by both the scenario designer and our editorial staff. Without input from players just like you, this publication would not be possible.

I want to thank each of you in advance for your very important contribution to the ASL hobby. I look forward to hearing from you soon.