Race to the Race (RM) formerly Chasseurs Ardennais will continue to offer players the unique challenge of fighting a small-unit action in the quiet Belgium villages of Bodange and Wisembach, nestled in the Ardennes Forest. A must-have for any wargame collection.

Race to the Meuse contains:

  • One colour 23”x 35” historical Map of the river valley between Bodange and Wisembach,

  • 12x Krupp-Protze Light Trucks and 2x 8.8cm FlaK18 SFL counters,

  • Four Scenarios played on various parts of the map, to familiarize players with terrain and forces used in the Tactical Mission;

  • Four-Scenario Date, Tactical Mission (a.k.a. Campaign Game); and

  • Chapter RM that includes rules to play the Tactical Mission.

RM1- Wisembach, Belgium, 10 May 1940: In the early morning hours, German motorcycle troops of Kradschützenbataillon 1 approached the sleepy village where Sergeant Renauld, his 15 men, and their two machine-guns waited. Sergeant Renauld, his order was to protect the Engineers, who had earlier blown the bridge over the Sûre River, now awaited orders for his unit's withdraw to arrive from headquarters.

RM2- Stein Hill, Belgium, 10 May 1940: Sergeant Renauld had successfully withdrew his men from Wisembach with their two machine-guns back 400m west of the Wisembach to the next position. Located on a hill, called "Stein" by locals, overlooking the road, joined Lieutenant Docquier and the rest of the platoon. The Belgians did not have to wait long, shortly before noon, Germans both on foot and on motorcycles arrived..
RM3- Bodange, Belgium, 10 May 1940: While Lieutenant Docquier and Sergeant Renauld stalled the Germans to the south of Bodange; Lieutenant Autphenne and his platoon, had their hands full. The Germans, having bypassed Strainchamps a few miles to the north, appeared on the road from Warnach, and started to probed a crossing of the Sûre River. Lieutenant Autphenne, having lost his only anti-tank weapon early that morning, hunkered down behind a barricade watching the German armoured cars cautiously move forward.
RM4- Bodange, Belgium, 10 May 1940: From his headquarters, located in Moulin House, Major Maurice Bricart commanded the 5th Company, 1st Chasseurs Ardennais' defence of Bodange. Stein Hill had finally fallen and German engineers had set up a temporary bridge across the Sûre River. The Germans supported by fire from self-propelled 88mm flak guns, began to clear the village, house-by-house.

Race to the Meuse is not a complete game and ownership of a tactical wargaming system such as MMP’s Advanced Squad Leader™ or Firefly – WWII Battlegroup Actions™ is required.