James Michael McLeod


Jim "The Hammer" McLeod was for many years the driving force behind the ASL scene in Winnipeg, Canada, if not the World. He was a proud Canadian whose dedication and love of the game, could only be surpassed by his love for his family: wife Judy, daughters Carina and Laurana, and son Jonathan. He will be deeply missed by all.

I am very proud to have know Jim, and my only regret is that our friendship had waned over the past decade. Despite never serving in the military, Jim was a proud supporter of the Canadian Military, and stalwart supporter of past and present day Veterans, making a special effort to speak any whom he may have come across in his travels.

Jim was a great competitor, friend, husband, father, and most of all a great man;  

Jim McLeod, I salute you...

Fallen Sons of Scotland, welcome him into your hall, and may he now find the rest he sought.

The Hammer is Dead, Long live his Memory!